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Summer 2021 will be on Smokinya beach

A place that brings a feeling of freedom of spirit and immerses your mind in the open sea. A restaurant that fills all your senses – with sight, taste, aroma and delivers captivating pleasure.

A design that caresses the eye with natural tones and materials that blend with nature. A stone made of 100% natural mineral, which creates a photocatalytic process by releasing oxygen, interacting with the sun.

Solid wood imported from Indonesia, cotton and linen textiles, many live plants, macrame umbrellas and no plastic used in the design.

An atmosphere that brings a feeling of solitude and sophistication. Conceived as a model of the most distinctive dining places on the Greek islands, Cavo has the ambition to impose a new generation experience. He turns eating into an impressive art and his visitors into connoisseurs of beauty.

Set amidst a picturesque landscape, Cavo overflows with every detail to bring us closer to nature. His philosophy is in stark contrast to the ordinary, the banal and the compromised, because Cavo is a benchmark for innovation. It is a symbiosis between culinary achievements, the beauty of the surrounding reality, world-class service and will be significant for the guests of the southern Black Sea coast.

At the same time, Cavo is an investment that, during a pandemic, shows our desire to develop our own sea beaches.

To invest efforts and finances to impress Bulgarian tourists. To show them that the native Black Sea coast can be competitive and meet their highest requirements. To find meaning that there is reason to appreciate the native sea more than the foreign one. Along with this, Cavo is a project that is committed to being the “new job” of nearly 60 young and ambitious Bulgarians who have chosen to stay and develop in our country.

Cavo is the passionate and freedom-loving heart of the Southern Black Sea Coast, carrying a new ideology of life. Due to the great public interest, we hope that the next ideological visualizations will stop all future speculations.

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